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GAMMA TRANSLATIONS is a trilingual translation company (Spanish, English, and Italian) with a specialization in technical and scientific texts.

A specific humanistic department is available for narrative-literary translations.

GAMMA TRANSLATIONS is composed of professionals with advanced language skills and working experience in important European companies of civil and industrial engineering (DFE, Spain), metal recycling (SER, Switzerland), international business (EP, France), quality, environment and safety ISO certification (QUALITAMB, Italy), geographical, topographic and marine investigation (CNR ISMAR, Italy), historical investigation and historiography (CA’FOSCARI, Italy), ethnology and anthropology (COMPLUTENSE, Spain), music and musicology (CINI, Italia), navigation, marine rescue (ILS, Belgium), and international shipping business and maritime law (IEEM, Spain). GAMMA TRANSLATIONS offers quick, safe, and trustworthy translations at the highest professional level available.

We translate: Economic documentation, civil works computations, calculation reports, technical specifications, commercial and legislation reports, contracts, quality plans, insurance and shipping policies, maritime law, navigation and rescue, technical estimation etc.; furthermore: poetries, letters, novels, historical, anthropological, geographical essays, film scripts, theatre scripts etc.

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